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About NBDE

About NBDE



Eligibility and Application:

Students from any CODA accredited college or course can directly apply for NBDE, upon verification with Dean or equivalent authority. They can use their DENTPIN to apply for NBDE and set their test centre. A TOEFL score is mandatory for all international students.

For Dental who are from a non accredited University within the US or international graduate, they have to get their transcripts verified by ECE inc..

Students should then apply for DENTPIN and submit the ECE report. Only electronic reports sent from ECE are accepted. The ECE verification can be only for part 1 and is automatically accepted in part 2 of the test.

Application process for part 1 and part 2 are separate. A candidate can only apply for part 2 if he has only passed part 1

Application process can be done from ADA website:

Title Fees
Part 1 $420
processing fee for non accredited colleges $100
Fee report (extra reports) $34
Audit results $65
Part 2 $465

After finishing part 2, candidates would be issued with NB certificate. You can also order full size certificate with optional frames. The appropriate form can filled and the charges could be paid directly while applying.

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