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NBDE part 2 Q-Bank plus Lecture notes

For aspiring BDS students in India, LogIQuest is offering Kaplan’s NBDE Q-Bank with Lecture notes program, a perfect combination preparation and practice. As a program the Q-Bank offers enough practice to be confident of facing all question types while the lecture notes offer insights into all the topics and gives guidance on strategies to answer various questions.

The program gives access to

  • Q-Bank with 1000+ practice questions
  • Customized practice tests so that you can test yourself topic wise
  • Lecture notes with detailed content for prep
  • Includes mnemonics for easy recall
  • High Yield topics for scoring higher
  • Test taking strategies

The program is designed for students to practice from anywhere. The physical copies of lecture notes gives you comfort to study and makes notes to increase your quality of learning. The program has a validity of twelve months.

NBDE® Parts 1 and 2 are registered trademarks of the American Dental Association.